Le 25 Casablanca, Afterwork Heaven

Go to Le 25 Casablanca for the finest Happy Hour everyday and enjoy the complimentary free food in a fashionable and luxurious frame

Bacco e Venere, a Slice of Italy in Casablanca

An unpretentious yet state-of-the-art Italian Restaurant perfect for a spontaneous romantic dinner or just to have fun amongst friends...waiter...more Chianti!

Shop like there's no tomorrow in the Morocco Mall

The biggest Shopping Mall in the whole Africa, 250.000 sqm of luxury and brands to please all pockets from Zara and HM to Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana, it comes with IMAX cinema, cafes, restaurats and the most appreciated FNAC for book hunting

The Sweetest Catwalk in Paul Villa Zevaco

Casablanca seems to be full of people that dont work. And it is. You can find them all, including yours truly, around 17h sipping a cafe or an orange juice with some delicious cakes. Dresscode: high heels and Fendi Bag.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Video Production Company Barcelona - Casablanca

Making of He by Mango with Gerard Piqué
A video production company dedicated to the creation of compelling visual content for corporate, commercial, and entertainment endeavors is offering professional video services in Casablanca, Media Content Production
The team, who has been working for more than ten years in the field of fashion and the luxury industry, has recently opened office in Casablanca in Boulevard Zerktouni endorsed by the leading events agency Best Agence

Edition for Woman magazine
Scouting, production and post production services are available at down to earth prices, and having formerly worked for clients such as MangoZara or Massimo Dutti the quality is guaranteed.

Can be contacted here:
Boulevard Mohamed Zerktouni, Casablanca, Morocco
tel +212 5222-72889 / 0614199440

Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Party in Le 25 Casablanca

It's finally Christmas

Here a suggestion about what to do for expats, tourists and locals alike!

Le 25 Casablanca opens its doors for an upscale and festive event...at an incredible affordable price, 450 dhs.

This glamorous Casablanca Restaurant Lounge is offering an imperial dinner, with its various appetizers concocted by executive chef Alioune Diop.

For the atmosphere, there will be a truly original Live Band (Eartworm Gin), along with our resident Dj MAR1.

Enjoy a crazy night of subtle images and emotions to make this celebration complete.

*C’est Noël ! Le 25 Casablanca vous ouvre ses portes pour un moment festif et haut de gamme. 

Le restaurant-lounge le plus glamour de Casablanca vous convie à un dîner impérial, avec ses divers hors d'œuvres concoctées par le chef exécutif Alioune DIOP.

Pour l’ambiance, on vous réserve un Live Band des plus originaux, (Eartworm Gin), en compagnie de notre Dj résidant MAR1. 

Emportez dans votre folle soirée les images et l'émotion pour que la fête soit complète.

Infos & Résa : 0661 379 126/ 0522 276 476

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Italian restaurant Circolo Degli Italiani

With italian restaurants it happens a bit the same as with the chinese ones: if you hear italian around you, you're in the right place. People were talking to me a lot about the 'real' place where italian meet to eat and discuss, so at the end, being italian myself, I gave it a try.
The outside is a little bit less than impressive, in fact it looks a lot like a pet prison. On the contrary the interior is quite cozy, with big canvas hanging on the walls and plenty of wine bottles around; the general impression is not luxurious, but rather a familiar place where you feel completely at ease and safe, kind of your grandma's house. The people inside were all quite normal, almost chic. Some ladies who lunch, a group celebrating in the private room, some couples... nothing to complain about that. In fact it makes a perfect choice for groups since there are quite a few round tables. On the menu you find all the italian dishes you may like, from the salads and mozzarella-pomodoro, homemade pastas, meats, fish and pizzas. I tried the burrata, which is a lot like mozzarella but more creamy inside, and it was truly delicious, if somehow a bit expensive, 90 dhs; it makes a perfect dish to share. I couldnt find the most typical pizza, the prosciutto, and I had to order the one with Parma ham on it, that of course becomes always very salty if you cook it, and only people with bad taste ask for, but I gave it a chance: big mistake. The thin crusty base was ok but no ressemblance at all with a pizza napolitana, of course if you haven't tried the good one in Italy on a regular basis, you'll find this one ok, still, the closest one in Casablanca remains the pizza from Da Gino (only the one in Gauthier), and also good the one from Bacco et Venere (also in Gauthier). I'm a big fan of filled pasta so I ordered the ravioli with salmon: they were good but way too much sauce, which probably people like, still I couldnt find any italian flavour on it. Tasty, but very heavy. The dessert was completely my fault, I always ask for tiramisu, and in fact I saw some passing by and looked amazing, just comme il faut, still I wanted to push them and ask for Cassata siciliana. Total dissaster, just a cold melting sweet thing most likely only appreciated by child. The prices are fair and there is wine (glass of red 45 dhs), but my poor choice left me with mixed feelings, I will have to give it another try, and I order better.

Circolo degli Italiani
27, bd Bir Anzarane
20330 Casablanca
tel. +212 5 22 98 14 25 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Art: Fatima Mazmouz

Gallerie FJ (Fatma Jellal) has organised an exhibition of controversial artist Fatima Mazmouz. Fatima explores the perception of the female human body in its own culture, Islam. One of her major works is the study of her own pregnancy through a series of photographs, always shocking and beautiful at the same time. The shapes, colors, textures, and subject matter provides insight beyond words, offering a window into the past, and a microcosmic view of the issues and experiences that shape so many women in Morocco today.

 Galerie Fatma Jellal
4 rue de la réunion Bourgogne
Casablanca Maroc
T. + 212 6 61 41 37 02
T. + 212 5 22 26 49 23

Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Indian: Spanish Tapas in Maarif

Yes we know, weird choice of a name for a place that is 100% spanish ambiance and tapas in the heart of Maarif in Casablanca. Dont let that put you down and give it a chance; the owners are the old managers of famous La Cocina, and they created something very special in this reduced space that reminds us very much of any place in Barcelona in which you hear spanish, you eat spanish and you act spanish (meaning you are loud), but of course you smoke american and you pay in dirhams :) . It is perfect for an easy afterwork or for a secret love-date, since it is still quite unknown. The lighting is good, the music does not disturb you and the prices are fair. We tried the tortilla de patatas and it was truly genuine, just like my grandma does it, not like the spanish omelette that they try to do in Morocco or France adding some species for no purpose at all that only kill the original flavour. We also loved the chicken croquetas, and specially the patatas bravas... very very good. For pig lovers there's all you need, spanish ham and also deep fried Morcilla (boudin noir/pig's blood) mmmm delicious. We arrived a bit early but the place really came to life around 20h, and when we left at 22 there was no place for a needle.

Price: from 50 dhs to 200 dhs (how much can you eat/drink?)
The Indian
tel: 0522.774.156
135, Abou Ishak Al Marouni , 20000 - Casablanca

Monday, 24 March 2014

Dance: Work is all the time in progress

Spend a pleasant evening in Casablanca watching the eclectic art of the group "work is all the time in progress" a joint venture of the brothers Atbane, Younes and Zouhir, plus newcomer Aziz Nadif; inspired and educated under the master choreographer Khalid Benghrib.
Their art is a mix of contemporary dance and music always in search of new forms of expression. They arise questions about the social problems of becoming an artist in Morocco, challenging our minds but always with a humoristic touch.

26th of March 20h30
Theater 121 of the Institut Français de Casablanca
121, Bd Zerktouni
20340 Casablanca
+212 522 779 870

Price for non members: 70 dhs
Price for members: 50 dhs

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Brunch alert: Rick's Cafe

So you're looking for the best Sunday brunch in Casablanca, but at the same time you think that Rick's cafe its too obvious a choice, and on top of everything you think that the whole thing must be fake since the film was not shot in Morocco...Open your mind. Ricks cafè is already and institution here in Casablanca, in fact they just celebrated its 10th anniversary not long ago; the deco its superb, the waiters are spot on and about the best you can find in Morocco, and the food is always fresh and -to Casablanca standarts- not expensive. So when my american friend rang me to propose me Sunday brunch I was like: eehh...ok...let's play the tourist. How wrong I was, the place is spectacular and super chill-out, some moroccan couples, some foreigners, everyone casual chic (there is actually a dress code to follow); none of those over-excited people with camera... actually I was the only one taking photos.
The brunch is reserved for the first floor, that is way cooler than the lower floor. On the brunch menu there's pretty much everything you are dreaming of right now: eggs benedict, omelettes with whatever ingredients you may like, ham, cheeses (parmesano, roqueford, gouda, etc), grilled potatoes with some kind of beef strogonoff, tagliatelle with seafood sauce...shall I continue? and then of course you've got the fresh orange juice 'a volonte', milk with cacao, cafe, tea, cereals, homemade yogurt, strawberry cake, pain au chocolat, french toast with maple syrup...well let`s say that the choice is larger than your appetite, whatever your weight may be. And all that at 160 dirhams, yes there's no mistake, 160 dhs for a king's brunch, so I guess...I'll see u there next Sunday.

Ricks Cafe
248, Bd Sour Jdid. Place du jardin public.
Ancienne médina. Casablanca. Morocco.

tel. 0522 27 42 07
0522 27 42 08